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Welcome to Migwell Chesapeakes.

About Me

I am a British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT) grade 2 qualified dog trainer (general obedience & agility). I worked for a local college for 14 years.

I am qualified to judge up to novice in competitive obedience, which I no longer do.

I awarded Chesapeake’s with Challenge Certificates for the first time in may 2018. Whilst I do show my dogs especially as youngsters. I am most at home getting muddy, wet & cold in the beating line. This I have been doing for around 15 years. It makes my heart sing to watch the dogs work. Most of the puppies I have bred are working on shoots & or wildfowling

I got my first Chessie in 1997 - Mudge. I have had 7 in total so far. There are currently three Chesapeake's at home, Arla, Berta and Broc.

We also breed occasionally.

For further information please see our breeding page.

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